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Help the Playground Foundation
Playground Foundation Sri-Lanka
Make sure
that children
can play
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a helping hand
What we do
You can help the foundation by
     making a donation to:

Rabobank acount.Nr. : 1575.75.926
IBAN: NL08 RABO 0157 5759 26
           In the name of:
Stichting Speelplaatsen Sri-Lanka
      City: Nieuw-Lekkerland

        CoC nr. : 50911945

    Gifts are tax deductable

A donation of just 240 will  pay for a complete piece of play-equipment including transport, placing and 3 years maintenance.

All gifts are welcome,whether big or small business or individual. You can give us a helping hand.
You can also donate
    by creditcard
Realized projects
School Imbulpe
School Hiramadagama
School Moratuwa
Sports Park Hiramadagama
New projects
School Aluthnuwara
School Ihalagalagama
School Pambahinna