At the school of our 1st. project in Hiramadagama we are going to build a multifunctional sportsfield. including dressingrooms, stand, canteen, lightning and a new entrance road.

Materials, like fences we are going to send to Sri-Lanka by container After this we are going to install them with a group of volunteers. The rest of the buildings wil be completed before by Srilankan companys. For this we wil use materials from Sri-Lanka. For all of this first we need the finances. For a few things we want to take to Sri-Lanka we are still searching for seats, lightning for the field and devices for the dressingrooms and  canteen.
This is the entrance way, it has to be rebuild
This is the area where the sportsfield wil be
The most popular sport in Sri-Lanka: cricket
The sportsfield wil be multifunctional, the following sports can be played:
Previeuw of the new field, measuring 48x42 meter.