What we do
Play equipment
Playground Foundation Sri-Lanka
Make sure
that children
can play
You can be
a helping hand
What we do
We realize small-scale projects, playgrounds, schools, orphanages, etc.
By keeping these projects small, they are easier controlled and over-viewed . The projects are checked by our contact person in Sri Lanka and by ourselves travelling there at our own cost. The play-equipment we use is made in a factory in Sri Lanka and also placed by them. This way we help a bit to support the local economy and also to save costs.
We will keep you informed via this website or if requested by newsletters through the post or e-mailed.
Realized projects
School Imbulpe
School Hiramadagama
School Moratuwa
Sports Park Hiramadagama
New projects
School Aluthnuwara
School Ihalagalagama
School Pambahinna